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We are pleased to announce that the Griffin Art Space Foundation

will continue to support Contemporary Lynx Magazine in 2016 – the first magazine devoted to Polish art abroad. The magazine is a unique, collectible object, presenting artists’ profiles and works from various domains of art – from painting, through design, photography to post-internet art.
– The mission of the Griffin Art Space Foundation is to support and present contemporary art and to engage in projects aimed at popularizing it. The founders of Contemporary Lynx – Dobromiła Błaszczyk and Sylwia Krasoń – have been cooperating with Polish Cultural Institutes and Embassies, and have taken part in events organized in top art galleries
and museums worldwide, thanks to which Polish art reaches people that may not be collectors but have influence on creating subsequent exhibitions – says Anna Klimczak, the President of Griffin Art Space.
The magazine complements an internet platform launched in 2013 and Contemporary Lynx art organization based in London. The mission of the organization is to show the variety of Polish contemporary visual art worldwide; art that reaches and crosses established boundaries, and blurs the divisions between various domains and countries.
Contemporary Lynx Magazine is distributed all over the world, and is available
in bookshops in the most prominent art centers of Europe, United States and Asia. The second issue of the periodical was presented in Artissima art fair in Turin. Each copy is unique – it has an individual number and seal.
Last year two issues were published, containing profiles of the following artists: Wojciech Fangor, Wilhelm Sasnal, Zorka Wollny, Oskar Dawicki, Oskar Zięta, Sputnik Photos collective, Joanna Rajkowska, Andrzej Wróblewski, Edward Krasiński, Jakub Julian Ziółkowski. The magazine also presented young fashion designers, pottery creators, post-internet artists and Polish design artists from the sound art domain including Konrad Smoleński or Wilhelm Bras.
This year Contemporary Lynx will continue to spread the knowledge about Polish art through its internet platform, magazine, and its presence at exhibitions and art fairs. They are also planning to organize their own exhibitions and issue publications and books devoted to Polish art.
– Contemporary Lynx operates between numerous countries. People we cooperate with live in various parts of the world, and artists and people we interview are extremely mobile operating beyond divisions and classifications. Griffin Art Space shares a similar attitude – thinking outside the box – says Sylwia Krasoń, chief editor of the magazine
– I believe that cooperation with the magazine is very fruitful. That is why we look forward to common activities in the upcoming year. The more Polish art abroad, the more it is spoken about, the greater our satisfaction – says Aneta Krych, member of the Foundation’s Board.
Dobromiła Błaszczyk, chief editor of Contemporary Lynx Magazine adds:
– Thanks to the cooperation with the Griffin Art Space Foundation we have gained something essential; that is the support and the possibility to issue our magazine. The Foundation provides us with a solid basis for our activity, and that is why we are going to continue ongoing projects and promote Polish art abroad.


Griffin Art Space is an institution founded by Griffin Group in order to support and promote art. The implication of the Foundation is to give energy to artistic life and promote cooperation between business and culture. The main way to achieve this is patronage over the most interesting art events, support of outstanding cultural institutions as well as organizing cultural events and projects. Together with WRO Art Centre the Foundation has presented a project entitled RenomaWRO in Renoma Shopping Centre, which is a part of International WRO Biennale. Together with Visual Arts Foundation, it has organized the Trip Round Kato project in Katowice, the patron of which is Supersam Shopping Centre. Moreover, Griffin Art Space is the main patron of Photomonth in Kraków – the leading European photography festival, Contemporary Lynx Magazine promoting Polish art worldwide as well as it supports an internet portal which keeps the legend of Kultura Paryska alive, and commemorates its charismatic chief editor – Jerzy Giedroyc (
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