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Have you ever wondered how to live in harmony with nature, how to avoid climate catastrophe? What can we do together to help save our planet? Increasing awareness of the climate crisis is crucial but changing our habits of a consumerist lifestyle is not that easy. In the new issue you will find articles about the problems and threats our planet is facing. This issue revolves around such topics as climate change, sustainability, biodiversity, living in harmony with nature, renewable energy, slow-fashion, zero-waste design, slow-living, and a greener future.

You will have the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and see these problems through the eyes of the artists, who use their talents and shape our surroundings. We will try to answer questions such as why it is so difficult to change our bad habits and how to be more eco-friendly. We will show you the portrait of the planet on the verge of disaster, and the post-apocalyptic visions of the artists.

However, the first step into our discussion about threats to the ecosystem and the attempts to do what’s best for our planet is the cover designed by Vadym Solowski, a nuclear power engineer who became a successful illustrator.

The issue features interviews with Erez Navi Pana, who talked about the potential of vegan design realised without the use of material derived from animals, and Robertina Šebjanič, who discussed a model for a better sustainable future with awareness of the animal world and aquatic ecosystem. We also present the statement of Olafur Eliasson and eco-activists such as Extinction Rebellion, John Gerrard and Justina Brice Guariglia. In addition to this, we will showcase the most innovative architecture designed in harmony with nature. Fashion enthusiasts will enjoy the article devoted to fast fashion alternatives. For all those who are more interested in the issues related to design, we recommend an article about the most current responsible zero-waste designs.

Our magazine is an object produced with many environmental concerns. When selecting paper, we paid attention to sustainability of the materials we use and looked for those which are natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. That’s why we only choose paper with a number of environmental certificates and labels. Read more >>>

Inside the magazine you will also find:

The nuclear threats in film, the new methods of art collecting, how artists make their living, an interview with Alain Servais, a visit to an artist’s studio, a tour on the trail of modernist architecture of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 and a photography essay.

Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2 (12) 2019:

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  • Language: English
  • 172 pages
  • Print run: 3000 copies
  • ISSN: 2058-7465