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At Contemporary Lynx, hitting the road to experience art and to witness it firsthand is part of our everyday life. We are constantly on the move because we want to be up-to-date with the latest topics from the art world; it makes sense to write about art only by experiencing it personally and directly. Nomadism for us is an inherent part of the creative process and an inevitable element of making a magazine on art happening on a local and global scale. With that in mind, the main topic of this issue — nomadism and migration — came about quite naturally.

Today, thinking about migration is automatically linked to thinking about the European migrant crisis, with refugees fleeing from their home countries to the Old Continent hoping for a better future. These issues are also represented in art, and our Magazine. However, what we discuss on the pages are also other aspects of nomadism and migrations; how they alter the way reality is presented on the internet, how these phenomena transform the mental picture or reality; and how to grasp the changes in perceptions of experiencing time and space, which impact on ways of making, presenting, and exhibiting art.

Nomadism and migrations are also about the constant and unlimited flow of data, images and people in our closest surroundings, but also on a larger scale, with the aim of bringing together whole communities. This can be achieved by adjusting architecture and design to a nomadic lifestyle, or through assimilating people in need or those remaining on the margins of social interest. The mass movement of people is not headed in one direction anymore. These movements spread in an uncontrolled way in all possible directions.

Migration perceived as a change to the existing order was for us the basis for a new way of thinking about visual communications. In this issue, we would like to present you the brand new design of Contemporary Lynx Magazine.

Patron: Griffin Art Space

The Contemporary Lynx Magazine is published biannually.      

Edition: 2(8)2017

Published: October 2017

ISSN 2058-7465

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Cover by:

Printing: Beltrani, Kraków

The cover is printed on: Multiart Silk 250g/m2

The magazine is printed on: Arctic Volume White 90g/m2, Munken Lynx 80g/m2, Multi Art Gloss 90 g/m2

Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2(8)2017
Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2(8)2017
Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2(8)2017
Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2(8)2017
Contemporary Lynx Magazine 2(8)2017