Monika Brodka, photo Przemek Dzienis

photo Przemek Dzienis


Pop singer, art enthusiast and collector.

She shot to stardom early as a teenager thanks to a popular talent show. Then, she had to prove that she has what it takes. It wasn’t easy, but ever since the release of her 2010 album Granda there’s absolutely no doubt that Brodka deserves her place at the top. Well, that’s the Polish highlander spirit for you…

She kept the momentum well into 2012 and recorded LAX, the phenomenal EP which showed her new dance-loving side. Those who saw Brodka perform at concerts know they should expect the unexpected — killer song chorus, dance beats and alternative explorations. Her next album also came out of left field. Clashes is a record rife with antithesis — grim church organs mixed with vibrant punk rock sound, lyrics about passion and crazy love, but also about the alluring abyss of death. The album produced by the Grammy-winning Noah Georgeson (who famously collaborated with Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and The Strokes) had its global premiere in 2016. Brodka showcased her new stage persona at festivals, as well as during a ten-concert tour around the UK. She continued touring in 2018 and released her MTV Unplugged album, which according to Monika herself is the culmination of a certain stage in her life as a music artist.

Brodka has been working on her (already!) fifth album ever since. New singles will be released in autumn this year.