The goal of the project is to remind of the figure of Julian Antonisz as well as his oeuvre, in a way that is both comprehensive and situates his body of work in a wider, modern context. Interpretation becomes the crux of the matter, as Antonisz’s work will be presented after being “filtered” through works by figures of modern Polish culture, who are, in a way, akin to him. Julian Antonisz will be shown as an interdisciplinary and, as it were, self-sufficient artist. The place chosen to commemorate his work is no coincidence – the project is the first attempt ever to present the artist’s work in his home town.

In the centre of the project is an exhibition that came together thanks to the cooperation between Julian’s daughters, Sabina and Malwina Antoniszczak, and Robert Kuśmirowski. A musical and visual performance by Wojciech Waglewski and the band Voo Voo, along with Michał Jacaszek, will also become an attempt at interpretation and dialogue by two eminent characters.