Wrong Door Pop Up Project was a temporary art gallery located at Broadway Market in East London. The gallery operated every weekend between November and end of December 2012. It occupied a vacant space – former carpet shop, that was closed down nearly 10 years ago. The Curators turned the empty space into a vibrant art hub. The only remains from the existence of the carpet shop was the intriguing flooring made up of various material samples. In such a scenery, young generation of international artists, diverse in vision but all tremendously talented, presented their artistic achievements.

Week after week, Wrong door showcased rich and creative art programme. To name just a few events; on 6 December the gallery hosted a group exhibition entitled Somnambulant Eve, accompanied by a live music performance by Inventive Ensemble. (read more…). One week later the creative duo of Polish artists – Pulp Studio organized time-based, interactive workshop engaging local community. (read more…). Wrong door put strong emphasis on presenting artists from Eastern Europe.

The  action of Wrong Door Pop Up Project could be summarized in short, by its informal manifesto, which was inspired by experimental literature/novel of Julio Cortazar “Cronopios and Famas”.


Instruction on how to open “wrong” door

1. Look through the window – have a general overview

2. Stand still facing the door

3. Pull a handle

4. Push the door forward

5. Build up speed

6. Enter with a smile


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Words: Sylwia Krason