Contemporary Lynx is a not-for-profit arts and publishing organisation. We are dedicated to popularise Polish visual culture around the world. We rely on the kind support of individuals and sponsors. By becoming our Member (Ambassador, Patron, FriendSubscriber, Reader or Sponsor)  you contribute to the development of Lynx’s ambitious programme and creative community. We redefine the way we see Polish contemporary art today. Be part of our story.



 3000 GBP / 1500 PLN / 4000 USD / 3500 EURO per year  

By supporting Lynx, we hope to inspire your passion for art. We will bring you closer to everything we do here.

  • Invitation to a dinner to celebrate the latest issue of Contemporary Lynx Magazine.
  • Unique, limited edition print by a respected artist from Poland.
  • VIP passes to selected international art fairs, invitations to festivals and exhibition previews
  • Invitation to a dinner with an artist and visit in an artist’s studio.
  • Invitation to our arts events; debates, magazine launches, workshops.
  • Acknowledgement and a thank you in our print magazine, on our website, and in all other publicity material.
  • Subscription to our print magazine.
  • Possibility of the consultancy with our team on collecting Polish art.



900 GBP / 4447 PLN / 1188 UDS / 1015 EURO per year

Join our network of young patrons who share a passion for contemporary art and culture.

  • Acknowledgement and thank you on our website, in our print magazine, on our website, and in all other publicity material.
  • Unique, limited edition print by a respected artist from Poland.
  • Subscription to our print magazine.
  • Information on key developments in our organisation.



100 GBP / 494 PLN / 132 UDS / 113 EURO per year

Become our friend and be part of our story. We rely on the generosity of people who believe in our mission.

  • Small exclusive gift.
  • 2 free issues + archival of Contemporary Lynx Magazine.
  • Acknowledgement and thank you on our website.



Annual subscription — two issues: 18£ | 38$ | 22€ | 45PLN

2 years subscription — four issues: 34£ | 74$ | 42€ | 85PLN  

Subscribe to Contemporary Lynx Magazine and support our ‘slow publishing’ approach in this fast-paced world.
  • all the content in the Magazine is available exclusively offline.
  • the Magazine is printed on offset high-quality paper.
  • each cover is designed and created by an artist.
  • the issue has a specific theme unifying all the content.
  • all articles are thoroughly researched by experts in their fields

The Magazine offers a signature mix of reporting on art, design, photography, art collecting and culture travels.



If you would like to discuss our sponsorship offers, please contact us: [email protected]

Independent and informative, Contemporary Lynx Magazine in print is the only publication for art, design, collecting and photography in English, dedicated to Polish artists in a broader international context. With specially commissioned artwork, bespoke cover and a specific theme, it includes interviews with key figures in the art world and a range of insightful essays that debate current trends in visual culture. Published twice a year and distributed internationally, it has developed a strong reputation, along with broad online following. Contemporary Lynx online platform is at the centre of reporting on the latest ground-breaking work by inspiring artists. Every week, we publish a new article, providing a unique perspective from the art world. Our online platform remains free and relies on our team of researchers and experts from around the world. Like the woodland Lynx, we have a sharp eye for spotting talent and have our finger on the pulse of the contemporary arts scene. Our publishing activity, is complimented by art events and debates. We bring together thought leaders and culture champions to discuss current issues in the fields of collecting art, publishing, culture sponsorship and many more. If you find our job valuable and important, please consider to become our Member with a donation of your choice. We would be delighted to welcome you in our LYNX Family.

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