Michał Marczak

By Liza Premiyak / The Calvert Journal

The Polish filmmaker blurring the line between documentary and fiction

Polish filmmaker Michał Marczak made his debut in 2012 with an outlandish documentary about one of the world’s most bizarre environmental NGOs called Fuck the Forest, but it was his next feature film that caught the critics’ attention….

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10 Female Land Artists You Should Know

By Sarah Gottesman / The Artsy

Fleeing the confines of studios, galleries, and museums, the Land Artists of the 1960s and ’70s turned the earth’s surface into their canvas. Suddenly, art could be dirt, stone, sand, and sky. It could vanish in the wind or permanently alter a landscape. It didn’t need to be bought or sold.

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Paulina Korobkiewicz – Perspectives

By The Paper Journal

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Paulina Korobkiewicz Perspectives, Paper Journal

Paulina Korobkiewicz Perspectives, Paper Journal


Dalí’s moustache still in fine form

By The Art Newspaper

Salvador Dalí’s famous twirling moustache is in a good condition, says the embalmer who tended the Surrealist’s body after his death in 1989.

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Dalí's awesome moustache

Dalí’s awesome moustache


From the Contemporary Lynx archives:


Words Anna Dziuba

We would like to introduce you to five female artists who create work in a public space. These female artists, who despite their different ways of experiencing the world, all share an incredible sensitivity to it and have a strong sense of disagreement towards status quo. Each of them found their own way to express their protest and to reach their audience. Recognized and awarded they continue to fight for their right to manifest their presence and views.

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Katarzyna Przezwańska


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